5-07-03: 11:29am- WKIL is on the air!  only a few more weeks and the set will be released!... kickin ass monsters of improvisation.. with the assitance and gratitude from the midwest original music scene. a piece of history... and a must have for anyone who calls themselves... human.
4-16-03: 10:35am-  the enjoyment can only come from extrememly low bandwidth... keep trying folks if you cant get in... theres a bunch of people that are hitting the rupert bomb site now.. keep it up!.. maybe they will just give us some free space... (shaking head no)
3-31-03: 10:00 am-  wow... a video!? Murder in the park.. 7 dead in 20 minutes... what more could you ask for?  .. a rupert bomb parody of a classic cult killer movie... you say?  well... ok. your command is our wish. bliss bliss bliss. on the fritz. buy some ritz. eat the rich. feed the bitch.. smoke it.
3-27-03: 2:10 pm- replaced the mp3 week for the first time.. we started with Bizarro Vs. Mr Counter: a prelude in chaos... have changed the mp3 of the week to ... 8-01-01-8-15-01: disco vs. eight bucks.  Versus. ie: Vs. /  wacky... youd think we named everything with wersus. worthless... its all just begun.. the characters must be laid out.. descriptions must be made... not one will understand.
3-21-03: 1:02 am-
alot of changes being made lately... sure is a pain in the ass with so many cds to choose from.. check out the newly updated DISCOGRAPHY page... sounds coming soon!!
3-17-03: 12:55 am-
been a long time.. so give it away.. a new day and a new way to slave to the grind.. remodeled and additions been added... over and over again.  big john has his hands full.  show him your love.
09-05-02: 10:33am-
submissions submit submitted. lists go on forever and deadlines never seem to pass. add another week . the strong will conquer the weak after the weak inherit the lower class and the groups who stand in waiting for the next available teller.. or channel... depending on your resources. keep your eggs out of that basket and put them in everything else. otherwise your chances are dwindling. consider.
08-21-02: 5:08am-
updates faked and pasted to wait for the next pair of wandering eyes to hide into... within you... so clever. so undefined. wondering if publicity moves hinder only the working class nicotine stained waterbeds dripping from leaky canopys... see i told you i would quit after thirty more printings... fitting you wouldnt care anyways. today is a new day. welcome to the update.
08-04-02: 11:21am-
maybe tours enveloped the southern states how great. wasting loot on perpetual movements. sickened with debt and damn proud of it. fans waving speeds to exceed high over low. before you go.. spend time with my mind. sell that soul for a dollar fifty no more. or be sold to the highest bidder despite their lack of income. too fun. im done. no more for another year. maybe six months. maybe less. maybe maybe maybe. who knows. your nose flows broken. no sex for 60 days and 60 nights.. frighten the little girls with toothless smiles and skirts adorned by men. mind if i shave my genitals... maybe.. maybe.. maybe just the half  and blame it on creative expression.. laughing.. maybe. .
06-03-02: 5:21pm-
ok so we say once again ill blend the gremlin twisted mystic simplistic and wicked be glad you missed or pissed that you wished it
05-27-02: 11:28pm-
every bone is broken. sore my arms are. weak a n jedi mind can not be. so to you i will put an end.  dates raisens plums shrunken to nothing and spit up into a toilet bowl filled with stomach blood.. hungry?
04-29-02: 12:12am-
granpaps been dead fourteen years now. no sorrow. why. no. not. again. its gone. poof. set away like a broken cup hidden from an angry mother. why bother. noonecares. nowayfares. before krippling the entire axis of the holds your hand. be glad. young man. your pronunciation is improving. one day you can think. like atlas when he shrugs. and rand on ranting into individuality. whysorrowbother. hold your hand in it. lilacs.smell. smell. drop the world. shuttermore. drop the world. no.notagain.
04-18-02: 12:06pm-
swollen cankles broken ankles split pea soup to eat and still a treat to say the least. THE SODS! TUBRING! who knows what we say with a PA so gay, cant hear cant think cant sing cant speak just distort the signal so it peaks ahh peaceful no mercy just repentance for a sin not yet commited to be refitted for the next trip to the moon
04-11-02: 1:27pm-
two days hooray. noise in play and restricted airways say, bomb boom boooom! shh. dont wake the neighborz ... daze away no more hooray...
03-25-02: 12:57am-
we cannot express a scream properly with electronic imprints of werds, deskized as watermarks and fonts stolen from websites that announced them as FREE FREE FREE SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM.
03-19-02: 11:14am-
rambling brambles of overwhelming conclusions, james joyce werds mixturating, controlatabus, formulashuns, skyscrapers, thend. werds that read you werds werds werds. dumpster trucks growling on, forgot my trash can again. cant you just takeit bakeit and toss it on aplate for dinner din din.  grin grin.  beatnik poes begins. prose with no context. pros with no consious. who know better. and refuse to agree with whats considered real.
03-10-02: 12:35pm-
wake to pump our tire, finally a compressor and the nozzle that attaches to it.  we have found air and its purpose. dreams mention color charts and april 13th on a continuing loop...broadcast on all the channels. repetition is not allowed and your volume is still too loud.  your music is good. our music is worse.  fifty first collaboration to date and sick of it . know.
03-09-02: 9:37pm-
everyone wants a key, cant you see were trying to sleep. geeze. we'll be there around midnight maybe 11:30. stop by then and waste more of our time. recording distortions maxed out levels and tossing back bottles of jack daniels... yummy. hows that mix now. whos your daddy. not sinatra. you are not sinatra.
03-08-02: 1:17am--
ogres ogle and boggle toggles a little switch that makes the pop that makes the dice go flying into this plastic dome and in turn slamming them to the board below better than dropping of the face of the earth or being hurtled through space and pasted on billboards proprogandar we ponder wonder and pout spout out about how bullshit it all is please we heard it all before and no more we are done no more fun for this moron offering offspring and disecting it once again.