room mic sessions

Rupert Bomb: The Room Mic Sessions

contains only "volume two" of
the "original" room mic sessions double disk set.
no know copies of "volume one" can be located. 
"volume one" has been discontinued.


" this disk is going out soon. most everything on it is on The Virus Test disks anyways...except for the very short version of "puke in this"..which totally kicks ass..but really since volume one is gone... its old and worthless....lets kill it!! " - channel II

* collections of jams from various artists. recorded over a three day period, creating 2 full cds.
* spontaneous and moving. emotional ballads to hardcore sonic nastiness, the open stage creates a comfortable balance between normal predictablity and utter confusion.
* get your copy soon before the band decides to stop production and you have to pay some ridiculous auction price to find one. 
musical ability.....8
creative ability...8
overall opinion...6

trk 1. - i am in your mouth
trk 2. - chieze theeph
trk 3. - whats up there
trk 4. - swallow with static
trk 5. - hail storm (unifected)
trk 6. - puke in this
trk 7. - conversation with devil # 37

* please take and distribute the images and sounds from this website to everyone... please just credit the proper artists...* rupert bomb: the room mic sessions volume one and volume two * copyright 2000 recorded by burning trash studio *