halloween party

Rupert Bomb: The Halloween Party


* 7 tracks of extreme experimental noise soundscapes

* made entirely from one microphone, a record player, and a plastic saxophone. dont look for alot of beats.

* original purpose was to be an invitation to a halloween party that the rupert bomb was playing at. everyone liked it as music, so it was soon produced in larger numbers.

* some of the earlier copies (approx. 50 made) have a info number hidden within the background screams and hysterical noise. each one had a hand drawn label as if they all had their own unique costumes. + excellent collector material.

* this is comic book soundtrack production created with a minimalist outlook, yet its underlying though obvious voice, touches on somthing personal. people love this cd, even if it isnt halloween, its just a trip to listen to.

* musical ability.....2
* creative ability.....10
* overall opinion......6

* please take and distribute the images and sounds from this website to everyone... please just credit the proper artists...* rupert bomb: the halloween party 2000 * copyright 2000 recorded by burning trash studio *