December 26th Review

Burning Trash Records

It was Big John's 21st birthday and that means there was a big birthday bash. Before the show Big John opened the presents from his closest friends which included: a bottle of After Shock, a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper, tons of cans of soda,a microphone that you can take over the radio with, an asian porno mag, a Squirrel Nut Zippers cd, a Violent Femmes cd, a Cramps cd, and of course some beer. The show started off by Big John getting flashed by a certain somone in his room. Then people started bringing Big John Presents. The first present he opened was none other than the ulmighty vibrator from none other than the great Sadik. There weren't any batteries so Sadik through in an extra $5. Big John then was handed a toy megaphone that was covered in tape with words and designs posted all over it with a sharpie. That was from Jack. He then was bombarded with hugs from all the B-Sharp guys and they threw in a $2 Wendy's buck cause they know how much Big John loves Wendy's. He then made his way downstairs to be greeted with more and more gifts. Which included: a knife, a toy sheep, a barbie doll, a pot, a plant, a sock, some play dough, a bag full of now and laters, a stuffed animal, a dozen cookies, a sweatshirt, & tons of other stuff. Then the show started....
First up were The Sods. This marked the first show back for the Sods in what seemed like forever. With new members added, Eric Sod on fiddle and Tom Sod on Bass. They put on a great show that got everyone remembering just how great the Sods were. The audience really got involved and started dancing and singing along with the music. In all a great performance by the Sods. Up next were the B-Sharps. Known for rocking the socks off peoples feet this was no different from any other performance by them. Simply Amazing! Some highlights of the set included guitar player Mitch playing the guitar behind his head during "Johnny Be Good" and dancing of the crowd. Up next was the Chumpty Dumptys which only play on the members' birthdays. Yes today it was Chumpzilla's birthday so that meant the debut of the Chumpty Dumptys. With all the same members from the B-Sharps add Bjart Sod on rhythm guitar means for a great masterpiece of music. Chumpzilla had gotten a makeup job shortly before playing by Sadik. The entire set was improvised. The highlight of the set was the last song "Fuck Tri-State Killing Spree" which was braught on by Tri-State not showing up. After that the show was considered to be over although many folk stayed around. Which lead to some crazy stuff later in the night. Sometime later Tri-State did show up without gear so, they were not able to play. The Middle Finger Trio made their debut by accident. and everyone had tons of fun.

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