December 6th Review

Burning Trash Records

OH NO! it's not supposed to snow!!! Well I guess winter is here. After much planning and relying on the massive yard for parking we realized wet ground and cars don't mix, so we had people fill up our driveways and the electic sub-station across the way. But sometimes when there's just no where else to park you got to take chances. There was a good turnout for this event. The show started off with none other than Definitely Gary. Their set was full of crowd competition. Stairwell vs. Breakfast Nook. Everyone just kinda sat back and enjoyed the music for these guys. There was a great moment where people started crowd surfing down the stairwell. What a stellar performace. Next up was The Proles from North Manchester and yes they braught their fans with em. Their set was full of energy both from the band and the crowd. The PA was on the verge of collapsing. Did someone say HOUSE PIT. Next up was Leeko. This marked Leeko's first ever ALL AGES show. Trust me there will be more. Everyone enjoyed them. Zimbu busted out his great dance skills. Pure greatness enjoyed by the masses. Hope to see these guys again in the future some time. Last but certainly not least Step Softly, Ghost. They played all their finest and added some new ones. Was a very impressive set which displayed the talents of all of their members new and old. They ended the night with a special request Horror Business by the Misfits. Is there really any other way to end the night? What a great show. After all the worrying about all those cars in the grass. Only one got stuck which of course means we all had to help get him out and we all got muddy. What another great night at Burning Trash.

Copyright Burning Trash 2004