Halloween Bash Review

Burning Trash

If anyone knows anything about Rupert Bomb you know they love Halloween. So of course there would be a Halloween Bash!!! So hey why not celebrate the Day of the Dead too and make a weekend of it. That's exactly what they did loading the two days of terror with music from near and far and packed full of cd releases.

October 31st- HALLOWEEN

Noone at Burning Trash could ever imagine the great turnout for this night. There was just sooooo many people in sooooo many crazy costumes. Everything from slutty angels to sumo wrestlers and even crazy killer clowns. The show started off with the B-Sharps rocking the life back into the dead. I swear I saw at least five zombies dancing. How could anyone not love the B-Sharps. I mean they were simply amazing. Up next was The Fritz. All were in costumes except for Ryan, their drummer, who of course is scary enough. It was great as Darrin (singer/guitar) was playing guitar the head that was emulging from his chest was bobbing up and down and I think every band needs a tranvestite playing trumpet. But the greatest costume of all was of course SUPERMAN!!! I guess the store didn't have the adult size so Pucklewartz (bass) just decided to go with the youth size anyway. That costume wasn't riding up his ass or anything? Talk about a killer performance. At one point they even sent Leatherface to the ground. As they were finishing up their set it was about this time that a car pulled into Burning Trash mistaking it for the Haunted Castle down the road. You don't know how dissapointed the kids in the back seat were to have to leave such a great party I think even the mom was trying to convince ol pops to stay but he wouldn't have it. After the discussion with that car I realized the Fritz had just finished playing. To my amazement Kenny, an old Rupert Bomb drummer was drumming, Pucklewartz was playing bass, and Channel 2 was playing guitar. That could mean only one thing. It was time to drop the bomb. Rupert Bomb played a short fiveteen minute set that consisted of total chaos with co-vocals by Big John and Scooter McNasty and the occasional scream by Jennifer Polly. Kinda wacky how things just come together at the last second. Halloween marked the release of Rupert Bomb's HP3: Attack of the Dead Lepers which they peddled all night long. Up next was Belfast Carbombs, who were also releasing their new ep that they had recorded at Burning Trash in the previous weeks. Punk rock at its finest here folks. The highlight of their set was when they were playing their song "Homicidal." Right when Skunk released the huge amount of fake blood at the peak of the song the cops came busting in 15 cars deep. Right at that moment people were running in every direction. Cars were emptying from the field onto Lima disregarding oncoming traffic. Cops were swarming the place coming from all directions. I even saw cops coming from the wooded area in the back. People were chased down and gathered into an area in front of the garage where minors were given breathalizers. Apparently minors had been drinking alcoholic beverages in their cars. In the end some 30 kids were busted for minor consumption. The quote of the night goes to the FWPD for their lack of respect to super heros, "Superman's going to jail." Remember Burning Trash in no way, shape, or form endorses the drinking of alcoholic beverages by minors. Please leave your alcohol at home kids. Unfortunately the party had to be shut down and Skuzzy Bogie was unable to play. In all a memorable night that noone will be forgetting about any time soon. Can't wait to see what happens next year!

November 1st-The Day of the Dead

OK after the previous night we decided to beef up security a little and allow absolutely NO DRINKING PERIOD by anyone. We figured that way the cops would have nothing on us. Well during sound check they stopped by and told us that we were way too loud and that if they had to come back again we'd get a ticket for noise ordinance. So we were forced to make a last minute switch from outside to inside. As expected because of the previous night the turnout was not nearly as good but there was still enough people to fill the house to the brim. First up all the way from Chicago The Douglass Kings. Could anyone imagine that there would be that much sound coming from a two piece? Their set was full of aggresive vocals and guitars leaving everyone in a state of shock and awe. Douglass Kings decided to sell their upcoming album "Wheels" even though it wasn't due to be out til the end of November. Up next all the way from the pits of hell in full costume The Lurking Corpses. What a bunch of crazy ghouls. If their songs weren't scary enough the commentary in between by Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul was enough to leave you terrified. To put it simply the Lurking Corpses were Spooktacular! This show was dubbed their all ages cd release party for their new album "23 Tales of Terror." Next from Bloomington it was Copycat Massacre. They have such an incredible sound its so hard to describe them. Pretend Mr. Bungle got invaded by a bunch of space mutants and demons and it would probably sound something like Copycat Massacre. Up last Rupert Bomb. This time it was actually planned for them to play. With random breaks and huge explosions of greatness it is sometimes hard to see how such things could be improvised. In all a great night full of great bands. This time no cops and everyone had lots of fun.

Copyright Burning Trash 2004