Valentine's Day Show Review

Burning Trash Records 2/14/2004

Valentine's Day at Burning Trash February 14th, 2004

After weeks and weeks of hoping the weather would change and the snow would melt away, it was time to do something about the eight inches of snow that covered the yard in all directions which people park for shows at Burning Trash. After several failed attempts at having someone come plow it we decided to test the driving conditions. So Channel 2 hopped in my car and drove into the yard. Everything was going fine until he got stuck once. After that it was a continuous cycle of pushing the car out and getting stuck again. We did that for three hours then called it a night.

Well the day had finally arrived. Valentines Day, the yard was still snowed in and there was no solution to the parking problem. So, I decided it was time to break out the shovel and go crazy. So I spent six hours with a shovel in my hand digging out a place where people could park. The first five hours I was by myself seeing everyone else at the studio was working. Im not sure what all the traffic on Lima was thinking seeing me shoveling the snow in my yard. Finally D-Mann and J-Dogg of Winkle Tinkle Experience showed up to help as well as Bjart Sod, Zimbu, and Kendy Bogie to get as much done as possible till people showed up and it was time for the show to start.

Playing first, from Warsaw, Indiana, Tourette Stricken Rolemodels. This was their first time performing in front of a live audience, but you wouldnt have known unless I told you. Their style was very similar to Rancid perhaps slightly more poppy. Not surprisingly they did cover some Rancid songs as well. They even covered a Rancid cover song. Im sure well be seeing a lot of them more and more as they continue to get better and better. In a way I dont believe these guys will ever be forgotten. I can predict someone in the future saying remember that one band that played on Valentines Day at Burning Trash with that huge backdrop theyre playing at(insert venue here)

Playing second, also from Warsaw, Indiana, the Winkle Tinkle Experience or W.T.E. When they first started playing the guitar player was wearing a bunny costume and the singer was wearing a parka made out of bubble wrap (similar to what youd see in the movie Dude, Wheres My Car) which really set the mood for their music, which I consider to be a punked out version of the stuff Adam Sandler does. Halfway through their set I was informed by Nolan that the police wanted everyone that parked there selves into the ditch across the street and the people who parked at the electric sub-station to move their cars. So I made an announcement and everyone needed to move there cars. Within five minutes or so, about ten cars got pushed out of the ditch by a huge mass of people. When I got back inside W.T.E. had everyone gathered around them sitting on the floor as if they were telling old camp fire stories but instead were singing a graceful song about a grand old land then out of nowhere they decided to go crazy and break an acoustic guitar over a computer monitor that was sitting in front of the drum set. What a great performance.

Playing third, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Graves of the Endless Fall. Graves dont really seem to play all ages venues very often so this was an excellent opportunity for a lot of people that hadnt seen them to finally get a glimpse of the band that everyone has been talking about. With three guitarist, a bassist, and the singer also playing some toms they engulfed the house with such a powerful magnitude of sound, I think they may have opened a portal straight to Hell. Sometime during their set someone was stupid enough to try to get one of Graves guitar player to move their van so they could leave. What a moron and a rude interruption. You could hear people screaming FUCK THE VAN. urging Graves to continue their onslaught of hardcore metal power. In my opinion one of the best bands Fort Wayne has to offer. If you havent seen them, I would urge you to get off your ass and make the effort to do so.

Playing last, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Rupert Bomb.  Experimenta Improvisational Rock is what we do. Tonight we had some special guests Bjart Sod playing the accordion and D-Mann playing the kazoo. The theme for the evening was love baby love Our set included lots of random breaks and interesting lyrics capturing the events that had happened earlier that night and told of future events at Burning Trash. Those who decided to stay and watch seemed very satisfied with what we had to offer them. Im not sure if it was the music but Nolan noticed a minor drinking a beverage containing alcohol and decided to take disciplinary action into his own hands with a thump to the eye. I guess some people just dont realize that drinking could bring an end to an all ages venue.

Well the night was over. Again, another successful night at Burning Trash Studio with lots of great music to be heard by the masses. This show had one of the best turnouts that Burning Trash has ever seen and the house was packed to the brim. Thanks to all that came out and the bands that played, we hope to see you next time for Leprechaunapalooza 3 on March 19th. Thanks again.


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