Leprechaunapalooza 3 Review

Burning Trash Records

LEPRECHAUNAPALOOZA 3 -3/19/2004 at Burning Trash Studio

written by Big John

MARCH MADNESS!!! Well, it was that time of year that everyone seems to wear green again which can only mean one thing. Leprechaunapalooza!!! Leprechaunapalooza is an annual celebration by the little lepremaniacs of the world. The first one hosted by E.P.P. saw the debut of Dick Burns. The second one hosted by Lazy Sod Records introduced local hip hop to the Fort Wayne punks. This year who knew?

Playing first was Fort Wayneıs own Take Sides . They are a ska influenced punk band similar to the type of music Suicide Machines put out. This band has tons of talent. Their drummer really seemed to stick out playing some crazy stuff as if it were as simple as eating ice cream. Even though Mr. Erik Sod verbally harassed them their entire set, I can say that I definitely enjoyed their performance as did most others. I can see Take Sides being on one of those Tony Hawk Pro Skater games down the road.

Up next from Bloomington, Indiana Scopes Funky Trial . Did someone say wacky? This band was rockin in so many ways I canıt even describe it. The music was something you could definitely move and shake too thatıs for sure, but if you listened to the lyrics you were sure to chuckle. They threw in a lot of crowd participation and what not, that meant lots of fun by all. By the end of their set they had the entire crowd singing along with them.

Playing third from the second floor of the studio, Rupert Bomb . On this night Rupert Bomb was missing one of their key members: Big Green Truck who normally plays guitar or drums. So on this night they started off as a three piece with Pucklewartz on drums, Channel 2 on Guitar, and Big John on Vocals and Bass. Later a couple friends joined in that were in the crowd: Joe jumped in on guitar and Scooter jumped in on some vocals. The set was fully improvised as usual but had a great Answering Machine feel to it all. Somewhere in the craziness of Rupert Bombıs set a giant game of spin the bottle emerged proving once again that Rupert Bomb causes people to do wacky things.

Playing last also from Ft. Wayne, The Sods . At the start of their set was a great tuning session along with some of the most offensive jokes heard by man. The Sods describe themselves as Celtic Folk Punk with influences including The Pogues and the Tossers. Definitely a band that anyone can rally up a mosh pit or guzzle down a few to. Even though they obviously had problems adapting with their temporary drummer Mr. Shaun Sod as Douglas OıSod was at a protest somewhere out of state, they managed to win the heart of all that witnessed their greatness.

Unfortunately the band Cornfed Johnson were not able to play due to the fact that they were being chased by a leprechaun. At the showıs conclusion everyone was covered in mud while pushing cars out as the parking situation had lost the battle to the rain and everyone went home feeling a little dirtier than what they were when the first got there.

(c)Burning Trash Records 2004